Berkeley Lab

From the ALD for Operations / Chief Operating Officer

Berkeley Lab is the birthplace of team science. Our approach to collaborative research has fueled more than eight decades of world-class discovery. This spirit will strengthen thanks to initiatives  that bring related science and technology programs, and the people at the heart of them, much closer together.

The effort builds on the progress achieved in recent years on our science initiatives, which has encouraged the growth of neighborhoods at the Lab’s main site where our scientists can more easily interact with one another.These include Energy Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Physical Sciences, Materials and Chemistry, Computing Sciences, Biosciences, and Energy Impacts for Society. Go here for more on the neighborhoods.

There are still a number of people who are not located near the programs and colleagues they often collaborate with, however. The On the Move initiative both reflects our efforts to locate people near the programs and colleagues with whom they collaborate, bring them together, as well as our commitment to our strategic science initiatives. The goal is to create physical environments that enhance teamwork on the big science challenges of today and tomorrow, and to improve Operation’s ability to support these endeavors.

That’s the vision. To make this happen, about 1,000 Berkeley Lab employees moved to new workspaces since July 2014.  Additional moves are scheduled for 2019 and in the years ahead.Moves are never easy, and this website provides resources and to help people navigate the move process.