Berkeley Lab


People Who Are Moving…



  • Maintain awareness of move plan
  • Communicate move plan to employees
  • Ensure safety of employees during all stages of the move (pre, during and post)
  • Provide feedback on move experience

Division Management

  • Allocate sufficient division resources for move planning and execution
  • Provide comprehensive, detailed division move requirements
  • Make timely decisions on move plan and division cost changes
  • Communicate move plan to employees
  • Allocate and assign space
  • Provide feedback on move experience

Division Move Coordinator

  • Serve as primary point of contact with Facilities project/move management, Operations points of contact, and division
  • Collect comprehensive, detailed division move requirements
  • Communicate move plan to division
  • Actively participate in moves and troubleshoot on behalf of division
  • Provide feedback on move experience

On the Move Project Organization


Space Infrastructure Governance Board (SIGB) – Board comprised of Lab Deputy Director and Associate Lab Directors, responsible for making institutional decisions about space allocation.

Space Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) – Representative cross section of the Lab’s scientific and operations divisions responsible for providing stakeholder input necessary to accomplish the project objectives in support of the scientific and operations divisions’ business needs.

On the Move Project Committee – Advisory committee reporting to the Executive Sponsor, responsible for developing standards and consistent approaches to institutional moves.

Executive Sponsor, Chief Operating Officer – Demonstrates interest in the outcome of the project and is ultimately responsible for giving (or gaining if levels exceed change control limits) approval for spending and resources for the project.

Facilities Director – Has primary responsibility for achieving project success; secures project spending authority and resources.

Design/Construction Manager – Executes project direction as authorized and delegated by the Facilities Division Director.

Project Director – Responsible for ensuring that the project team safely completes the project, in budget, on schedule and within scope.

Business Process Owners Council (BPOC) – A group of operations subject matter experts and Division representatives who have authority to make decisions and coordinate work to ensure a move project is completed safely and within scope, budget and schedule.